Area Woman Not Good Enough Artist To Justify Eccentricities

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SANTA FE, NM—Admitting they could understand such oddball behavior from someone with an amazing creative vision, sources close to area painter Dina Paulson told reporters Tuesday that the 34-year-old woman is not nearly a good enough artist to justify her eccentricities. “Dina’s work is okay, but she clearly doesn’t have the talent to pepper her vocabulary with pretentious French phrases that nobody understands,” said acquaintance Allison McCarthy, adding that Paulson also insists on speaking in an obnoxious singsong lilt despite the fact that the self-styled bohemian struggles to secure group shows or sell any of her canvases. “Maybe if she had a firm grasp of light, or color, or perspective, I could overlook her choice to wear that yellow polyester raincoat everywhere. But right now, it’s just annoying when we’re out somewhere and she’ll suddenly launch into some weird chant she calls her ‘Grecian Jug Song’ or spend the entire time photographing her hands.” McCarthy further commented that the artist’s greatest talent probably lies in being exhausting and hard to be around.