Arguments For And Against Filming Live Performances

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The ubiquity of smartphones has made it easy for people to film live performances, but many audience members and performers themselves criticize the practice. The Onion breaks down the arguments for and against amateur filming of live performances.



Blue Man Group won’t be back in Dayton until next spring.

You love this part of the guitar solo coming up.

Good way to recall your life’s details if suffering from amnesia.

In 2015, someone filmed a Lenny Kravitz concert where his pants ripped and his entire penis popped out. Now that video belongs to us all.

We steal from artists all the time anyway.


Filming detracts from immediate experience of wondering how long it’ll take to get out of parking lot.

Rihanna won’t stand still, damn it!

Can’t capture the soul quite like a charcoal sketch.

Distracting to other audience members trying to record same show.

Too late to try out impulse control now.