Arguments For And Against Single Payer Healthcare

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Bernie Sanders recently introduced a single payer healthcare plan, also known as medicare-for-all, that would guarantee coverage to all Americans under one government-run plan. Here are the arguments for and against implementing a single-payer healthcare plan.



Hasn’t yet been ruined by botched rollout and implementation

It may take a couple years before officials figure out how to make it disproportionately benefit rich white people

With decreased healthcare costs, citizens would have more money to buy chips and stuff

The ceaseless yelling of the poor will stop

No more pretending to understand how any aspect of the current system works

Wealthy individuals would still have plenty of other ways to flaunt how much better their lives are


Healthcare decisions would be made by government bureaucrats instead of financial analysts


Donald Trump sounds like he has something much better and cheaper in store

Pretty humiliating to follow in the footsteps of Moldova

Would use up funds that country has been saving up to buy a couple of cruise missiles


With long wait times on specialized surgeries, it could take years for some citizens to have the procedures necessary to look like a lizard man

Only a matter of time before people wise up to other inalienable rights they may have