Audiobook Narrator Really Going For Broke With Cajun Accent

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SACRAMENTO, CA—Caught off guard by both the volume and vigor with which the distinctive speech pattern was being rendered, sources confirmed Wednesday that the audiobook narrator of James Lee Burke’s Heaven’s Prisoners was really going for broke with his Cajun accent. “Wow, he’s not pulling any punches, is he?” audiobook listener Larry Kershaw said of the narrator, who apparently decided to go all-in with his reading of a minor Cajun character’s dialogue, holding back nothing as he mimicked the rhythms and inflections of the French-Canadian-derived Louisiana dialect. “The other characters hardly have any accent at all, and then he just hits you with this super-thick Cajun patois out of nowhere. This guy might want to tone it down a bit. He has another 17 chapters to get through.” At press time, the audiobook narrator was reportedly pulling out all the stops with his imitation of a coquettish Southern belle.


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