Illustration for article titled Automakers Ask Nation If It Still Wants That Handle Above Car Windows

NEW YORK—Emphasizing that it was no trouble to either keep them or do away with them entirely, the world’s automakers assembled Monday to ask the public if it still wanted that little handle above their car windows. “We’ve been putting these interior handles over your car windows for the past 50 years or so, and we just wanted to check to see if you’d like us to continue doing that,” said General Motors CEO Mary Barra, who appeared alongside the heads of major auto manufacturers such as Toyota, Ford, and Hyundai-Kia and stressed that while they personally thought the handles were a nice feature, it would not be a problem at all to discontinue them in future models. “People generally use them for hanging dry cleaning or grabbing during a sharp turn, but maybe you’d be perfectly happy without them. That’s fine with us. Just let us know what works for you, one way or the other.” Barra also emphasized that in the event the handles were eliminated, they could easily be reinstalled if the public really missed them.


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