Baby Emerges From Game Of Peekaboo Wiser, More Reflective

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ANN ARBOR, MI—Contemplating her personal growth as she worked through what she described as a profound, transformative experience, local baby Emma Gibson confirmed Thursday that she had emerged from a game of peekaboo a wiser and more reflective individual. “Learning to process these intense and unanticipated feelings of loss and reemergence has fundamentally changed how I view this world and my place in it,” said Gibson, noting how her awareness of life’s ultimate transience took root this morning as she repeatedly watched her father’s face vanish, only to materialize again a short moment later. “I feel as though I’ve grieved a death, then another death, then another. Nothing can be taken for granted in this existence—not when the ones you care about most can disappear and then suddenly reappear at any time. Who knows, I could be the next one snatched away into the unknown and rudely replaced by a vulgar assemblage of fingers.” Gibson added that she planned to focus more on personal mindfulness going forward and would attempt to raise her level of consciousness when babbling incoherently and shoving random objects into her mouth.