Illustration for article titled ‘Back To Dock’ Voted Most Popular Destination Among Current Rowboat Passengers

WINTER PARK, FL—Coming in first by a significant margin, “back to dock” was voted the most popular destination among passengers currently on a rowboat, according to a poll released by Boating Magazine on Tuesday. “Far surpassing other options such as ‘a little farther out’ or ‘over there in the sun,’ ‘back to dock’ was the overwhelming choice among the thousands of rowboat passengers we surveyed,” said editor-in-chief Kevin Falvey, explaining that it was popular not only among people who were tired after having rowed for a while but also those who had not been working the oars themselves and simply decided they were ready for lunch. “‘Back to dock’ was also surprisingly prevalent among many who had left the dock just minutes earlier, citing reasons such as the heat, mosquitoes, seasickness, and not really having wanted to be on a rowboat in the first place.” A related poll reportedly found that the most popular destination among current Jet Ski operators was “10 feet from those swimmers.”


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