Bad News Gamers: It Appears Now Is Not The Time For Idle Merriment

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Dang, we have some really unhappy news to share with gaming fans today, news that it brings us no pleasure to write about: Unfortunately, it appears now is not the time for idle merriment.

This is a huge bummer for everyone from hardcore Twitch streamers to casuals who just kill time playing games on their phone, but OGN can confirm that the moment for fun and frippery has ceased. Even worse, it looks like the hour has also come for us to put aside our japes and monkeyshines and take up the mantle of responsibility, which totally sucks!


Sources confirmed that despite the ever-growing popularity of gaming systems like the Nintendo Switch and the PS5, the days of larking about engaged in acts of mirth for mirth’s own sake have come to an end. Needless to say, knowing that the time has come to eschew the cloying sweetness of frivolity in favor of the bitter draught of maturity represents a huge blow for fans of titles as diverse as Super Mario Bros., Far Cry 6, and the upcoming NERF Legends.

Here’s hoping that a taste for the joyous days of frolic and diversion will once more come into fashion, but until then, gamers, it’s time to start taking things seriously!