Baldwin Reveals Every Door That Locks Behind You In ‘Resident Evil 2’ Uses Baldwin’s High-Quality Latching Technology

Illustration for article titled Baldwin Reveals Every Door That Locks Behind You In ‘Resident Evil 2’ Uses Baldwin’s High-Quality Latching Technology

When the Resident Evil 2 remake debuted in January to wide acclaim, one thing fans loved the most was the immersive world of Raccoon City newly-updated for 2019 tastes. But one previously undisclosed reason for the game’s engrossing atmosphere was just confirmed this morning when Baldwin Hardware revealed that every door that locks behind you in Resident Evil 2 uses its patented high-quality latching technology.


Wow! Looks like Resident Evil 2 players can rest easy knowing they’re safe from the Umbrella Corporation’s abominations, because each and every in-game door is sealed by a first-rate Baldwin lock that’s nearly impossible to break.

“Baldwin’s commitment to using only the finest brass for our door knobs, handlesets, and levers ensures that no matter what you’re up against—be it a writhing zombie horde or an unplanned encounter with Mr. X—you’ll be safe behind any door in Raccoon City,” said Baldwin Hardware spokesperson Elizabeth Watkins, explaining that the company worked directly with Capcom’s development team to ensure doors in the Lab and Police Station areas are outfitted with escutcheon entrance and sectional passage latching sets from Baldwin’s Lakeshore line. “In fact, we’re so confident of the level of security our locks provide throughout Resident Evil 2 that every door you encounter in the game comes with our signature lifetime guarantee.”

“Of course, you’ll be able to reenter any door you need to with the proper red or green key, since our time-tested technology and hand-crafted expertise ensures our keyholes will never rust or corrode,” she added.

While Resident Evil 2 marks the widest use of Baldwin locking mechanisms in a video game to date, it’s actually not the company’s first gaming rodeo: They also told us they have installed all the knobs, deadbolts, and mortise locksets in the doors protecting you from monsters in the Atari arcade game Gauntlet!

Resident Evil 2 fans, take a moment to thank the fine artisans at Baldwin Hardware for going above and beyond to keep Leon and Claire safe from harm!