Baltimore Ravens Top ESPN’s Way-Too-Late 2012 NFL Power Rankings

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BRISTOL, CT—ESPN reportedly encouraged their readers to debate a new list the site published Wednesday, declaring that the Baltimore Ravens topped their way-too-late 2012 NFL Power Rankings. “Sure, in 2023 it might seem way overdue to be speculating on who was looking good in 2012, but I have to go with the Ravens in the No. 1 slot based purely on the fact that they won the Super Bowl that season,” wrote ESPN reporter Tim McManus, urging readers to share the list far and wide online and to keep clicking to ESPN’s new way-too-late player rankings that had Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson as the 2012 MVP. “It might be controversial, but I have to go with the San Francisco 49ers in the number two slot, because ultimately, I think they had the talent to make it to the Super Bowl. And of course, you don’t want to write off the New England Patriots juggernaut, but since I get to make the rankings, it’s way too late to suggest that Tom Brady & co. won’t be able to beat the Ravens in the AFC Championship. And my heart goes out to fans of the Kansas City Chiefs, who our way-to-late rankings have finishing dead last, at 2-14 on the season—hopefully there are better times ahead.” The way-too-late rankings are reportedly part of ESPN’s strategy to increase pageviews with content ranking elements of the distant future and the remote past, as well as speculative time; as of this writing, the site’s featured story was “Our Way-Too-Incomprehensible 28999X9 NFL Rankings Show Bo Jackson’s Reanimated Corpse Leading The Austro-Hungarian Cowboys To The Bottom Of The Sea.”