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Bar Has Loud, Overcrowded Section Upstairs Too

Please drink responsibly.
Please drink responsibly.

SAN ANTONIO, TX—Noting that the bar and surrounding floor area can get pretty cramped and chaotic, regulars at local bar The Blue Room informed visiting friends Friday that the establishment has a noisy, overcrowded upstairs section too. “If it gets too packed and loud down here, we can always head upstairs to struggle to find a place to stand and yell conversation at each other through cupped hands,” said frequent patron Anna Spear to her group of friends, adding that there were extra bathrooms to wait in line for on the second floor as well. “Or maybe we could head out to the congested, smoke-filled back patio? If we put our names in now, we’ll be able to snag one of the tightly packed tables out there in 45 minutes or so.” At press time, sources confirmed that all of Spears’ suggestions went unheard by her friends due to the bar’s relentless, thumping bass.


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