Barack Obama's And Manuela Fonetcilla's Race Problem Or Whatever Her Problem Is

Sorry it's been awhile, guys, but that Media Studies project took FOREVER because my partner, Faith Napier, didn't do ANYTHING at all, and I had to make that commercial all by myself. UGGH. Here's some advice for the candidates: If your running mate dies or drops out, don't pick Faith Napier!

Anyway, I was going to write about Barack Obama and the big race issue for this post, and I had it all planned out: I was going to go ask Manuela Fonetcilla, the exchange student from Chile, what is was like to not be white and run for secretary of SADD, so I would know what Barack Obama is going through. And so I go up and ask, but she goes, "I don't want to be in your stupid thing." WHAT? EFF HER. Everybody at school but her would LOVE to be on my blog. I don't know what her problem is. Maybe she's still mad that I volunteered her to make Chilean food for the Foods Across the Globe event at parent-teacher conferences last month without asking her, but if she is, that's really retarded. If I knew how to make Chilean food, I would make it all the time for people.


Judging from Manuela, this is what it's like for Barack Obama to run for president when he's black: He always smells like pepper, he never eats anything at lunch because he's probably anorexic, and he's given head to that ugly-ass Josh West who's a member of his host family.