Barber Sedates Nervous Man Before Haircut

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CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA—In an effort to create a more relaxed and safe environment for himself and the other customers, a local barber reportedly sedated a nervous man Monday before his haircut. “He seemed like he might start biting people, so this just made it easier for everyone,” said Reggie Allen, the owner of Reggie’s Barbershop, detailing that this was a standard procedure for some of his more excitable patrons who weren’t trained as well in interacting with others. “He was getting way too riled up from seeing the other men. Not to worry though, this sedative guarantees he doesn’t feel any pain, it’s better this way. Now that he’s knocked out I can take some inches off the top without him panicking about what length of clippers he wants.” At press time, the man suddenly woke up, ran into the street, and was hit by a car.