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OAK PARK, IL—Swiftly regaining his composure after initially jumping at the sight of flames erupting from the cocktail glass, local bartender Nick Brower confirmed Thursday that he was just going to pretend he had every intention of serving that last drink on fire. “Here you go, one liqueur flambé—careful, it might still be hot,” said a quick-thinking Brower, forcing a smile across his face as he garnished the top of the smoldering beverage with a dash of cinnamon before discreetly slipping back to the sink to soak his scorched bar rag and brush the remaining embers from the front of his shirt. “It’s running as a special tonight. That’ll be nine dollars.” Brower later revealed to reporters that, while he had no clue how to replicate the combustible drink, he had every intention of charging customers double for it should one spontaneously ignite again.


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