Bath & Body Works Now Offering Free Lotion Tastings

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REYNOLDSBURG, OH—Inviting customers to come in and sample their mouthwatering selection of hydrating shea butters, Bath & Body Works announced Wednesday it would now offer free body lotion tastings at each of its over 1,600 retail locations. “Before investing in an entire bottle of one of our moisturizing products, we highly recommend customers taste a dollop and make sure they like the flavor, texture, and mouthfeel first,” said Bath & Body Works’ director of marketing Talia Jensen, adding that stores will now be equipped with various stations where patrons can pick up complimentary squirts of rejuvenating essential oils, taste them, and then throw their sample cup and spoon into a nearby trash can. “Of course, people are still welcome to shop for lotions by scent alone, but to get the full subtlety of our sweet and savory Moonlight Path Body Butter, for example, you really need to let it sit on your tongue. The last thing we want is for someone to return one of our products simply because they’re dissatisfied with the flavor profile.” Industry analysts confirmed that the move was likely a response to the introduction of free tastings at Yankee Candle.