Be Cool, For Once, Gamers: Mrs. Thompson Said We Might Get to Play ‘Minecraft’ If We Finish The Quiz By 11:45

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Look, gamers, we hate social studies quizzes as much as the next guy, but it would be in all of our best interests if we just kept our heads down and got it done as soon as possible. Why, you ask? Were you even listening? Mrs. Thompson said we might get to play Minecraft if we can all finish by 11:45.

That’s right. We could get the whole 25 minutes before lunch to craft. So could you just, like, be cool for once, gamers?


I know it’s BS that we’re already having a pop quiz on The Great Depression even though we started the unit less than a week ago, but there’s no way we can change that. And it’s not so bad if you think about it; I mean, she said it’s gonna only be 10 true/false questions, and it’s probably all on easy stuff like FDR and Hoovervilles. So chill out, okay? Before you know it, we’ll be able to hit the computer stations and get a big game of survival mode going with Justin, Kyle, and Tyler. Okay?

Come on, gamers, get your shit together. Quit chit-chatting. And don’t be passing around any notes. Mrs. Thompson said if anyone’s caught cheating we can’t play. So if you have to copy off someone, make sure she isn’t looking, or you’ll ruin everything.


Jesus Christ, keep your fuckin’ shirts on, okay, gamers?

What? You think she’s lying? No way! We know Mrs. Thompson can be a stickler sometimes, but you gotta admit, she’s come through for us before. Like when she brought us those brownies during the lessons on the U.S. Constitution. And that time she let us watch Night At The Museum. We’re not teacher’s pets or anything, but she’ll uphold the deal. For God’s sake, we just want to craft okay?


Shit, shit, she’s started handing out the quizzes. Okay, gamers, please, just let us have this. If you can chill your grills for 20 minutes or so, a brighter future awaits.

And also, we call the Deadpool skin.