Illustration for article titled Best Buy CEO Humbly Asks If Everyone Can Go Out And Buy A Cord Or Something To Help With Company’s Coronavirus Losses

RICHFIELD, MN—Saying it would be a really huge help during a difficult time, Best Buy CEO Corie Barry sheepishly pleaded with Americans on Thursday to go out and buy a cord or maybe an adapter of some kind to support the electronics retailer as it faces losses related to the coronavirus. “We’re expecting lower sales and profits due to Covid-19, so if you guys could swing by sometime and pick up a cable or possibly a phone charger, that would be awfully great,” said Barry, adding that it wouldn’t have to be anything expensive, like a 25-foot HDMI cable, but could just be an extra coaxial cable, some speaker wire, or even a regular old extension cord for when you need to plug in something that’s too far away from an outlet. “It’s always good to have extra cables and stuff like that around. If you don’t need it right now, you could just put it in a drawer with all your other cords. Something to think about, anyway. And hey, while you’re in our store, maybe you’ll want to pick up something extra like a small portable Bluetooth speaker or a DVD of a movie you like. Might come in handy. Plus, we’d be so, so grateful for that.” Barry went on to state that if you don’t want to purchase any electronics at the moment, Best Buy also sells candy and soft drinks in the checkout line, and everyone deserves to have a little treat now and then.


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