‘His Shirt Is Black,’ Confused Customers Say

Illustration for article titled Best Buy Employee Wearing Different Colored Shirt For Some Reason

FAIRFAX, VA—Eyeing the staff member with wariness and confusion, customers at the Fair City Mall Best Buy location confirmed Wednesday that one of the store’s employees was, for some reason, wearing a black shirt rather than a blue one like the rest of his coworkers. “It’s weird that he’s the only one in a black polo when everyone else’s is blue—I don’t get it,” said puzzled shopper Ethan Kline, who dismissed the possibility that Larson worked for the store’s Geek Squad team by noting that the shirt still featured the regular yellow Best Buy logo on the front and not the orange Geek Squad logo. “I thought he was the supervisor at first, but then someone in a blue shirt came over and told him to help at the registers. If he’s just an ordinary employee helping out customers like everyone else, then he should be wearing the same thing as them. He shouldn’t have a black shirt; he should have a blue one.” At press time, each of the store’s customers had independently decided to avoid the black-shirted man and instead direct all their questions to the normal-looking employees.

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