Best PS4 Games Out Right Now

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Since its launch back in 2013, the PS4 has gone on to host a veritable treasure trove of classic titles, positioning itself as the reigning champ for hardcore and casual gamers alike. But where should a new owner start? After much debate, here is OGN’s definitive list of the best games out now for the PS4.


Rocket League:

The idea of “soccer but for cars” would probably get you executed in most countries, but—thanks to the freedoms Americans enjoy and the bravery of the developers at Psyonix—it works wonderfully here. In fact, for liberty-minded gamers who want to experience exactly what Americans have to lose, Rocket League is a must-play.

Monster Hunter: World:

An expansion to the moderately successful Monster Hunter: Indianapolis, this game really opens up once players unlock the toll tag to explore beyond I-465.

The Witness:

Jonathan Blow’s open-world masterpiece perfectly captures the childlike joy that comes with spending two hours googling puzzle solutions.


Red Dead Redemption 2:

There is no game currently on the market that does a better job recreating the undeniable thrill of saving up money for a new haircut.


God Of War:

This classic almost didn’t get made, but production was allowed to continue after it was made clear to God and the rest of the Holy Trinity that this game did not make light of His benevolent grace.


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain:

You’ll be moved by this game, you’ll enjoy the innovative stealth combat, you’ll love the character’s development, and you’ll shut the game off immediately if your father comes in the room, goddamnit. He’s exhausted after a long day at the smelting plant and just wants to relax without your little toys aggravating him.


Mortal Kombat 11:

An incredible take on the classic’s brutal formula that gets even more morbid when you consider the original game’s sprite character models have all almost certainly died of old age.


The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild:

Easily the best game of 2017 is still available on PS4 with the purchase of an affordable PS4-To-Switch adapter for only $19.99.