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CHAPPAQUA, NY—Explaining that she had yet to express regret for her behavior in the 20 years since the illicit affair came to light, former President Bill Clinton was reportedly still waiting Tuesday for a personal apology from Monica Lewinsky for using her power as an intern to exploit him sexually. “All these years later and Monica has not even once said ‘I’m sorry’ for abusing her role as a subordinate and manipulating me as an object of my sexual desire,” said Clinton, adding that he still had not received a single apology for the way Lewinski capitalized on her low-level unpaid position and preyed upon his vulnerability as commander in chief. “As an intern, she crossed a line when she was undermined, coerced, and controlled by underhanded tactics at every turn, and it is unconscionable that she still cannot find it in herself to show any remorse for repeatedly being an easy target for my lust.” At press time, Clinton was still holding out hope that one day Lewinsky would finally take stock of the way she wielded her influence as his 22-year-old intern and do what was right.

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