Bizarre Airbnb Looks Like Someone Actually Lives There

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SAN DIEGO—Baffled by the homey ambiance of the two-bedroom condominium, vacationer James Shin told reporters Tuesday that the bizarre Airbnb he had rented for the weekend looked like someone actually lived there. “Weird—if I didn’t know any better, I would think a family lived here,” said Shin, who struggled to understand why the walls were painted in colors other than eggshell and why the furniture seemed to have been selected by someone with a particular personal taste. “Not a single piece of the furniture is from Ikea, not even the artwork. What the hell? I opened up a closet and there were coats and bags and boxes in it. There’s definitely something fishy going on here. Maybe the investor was going with a ‘family’ theme? This place is getting one star for sure.” At press time, Shin was reportedly too creeped out to stay at the Airbnb after being unable to locate a single hidden camera.