Illustration for article titled Black-Backed Jackals Seek Asylum In Wildlife Preserve As Preventative Measure

SKUKUZA, SOUTH AFRICA—Traveling hundreds of miles across the African continent in search of a safe haven, the world’s black-backed jackals began seeking asylum in Kruger National Park as a preventative measure, sources confirmed Friday. “Right now it’s not absolutely necessary for us to find sanctuary on protected land, but we’re hoping to get in early to mitigate some of the future damage,” said a male jackal, one of thousands of his species that have continued to pour into the park this week to join those already living there. “Obviously, we’d really prefer to continue living in our original territory, but we’ve reached the conclusion that it is simply not worth the risk. It’s probably better for all of us to come here now rather than wait 15 years when there are only 10 percent of us left.” At press time, however, other jackals had instead simply lain down to die, as there was no point in delaying the inevitable.


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