Black Friday By The Numbers

Illustration for article titled Black Friday By The Numbers
  • 120: Resting heart rate of average Black Friday shopper
  • 3 A.M.: Time cashier currently being screamed at about coupon code had to wake up to be here today
  • 34%: Percentage of moms who will have all their Christmas shopping done after this, thank God
  • 16: Average PSI of foot applied to another human’s back
  • 91.9: Station to keep your dial tuned to if you want to win a $250—count it—$250 Target gift card for a Black Friday shopping spree!
  • 92116 AD: Date this year’s purchases will complete decomposing
  • 1,670: Births that will be missed by those waiting in line outside of a Best Buy
  • 559,000: Number of people currently browsing Amazon for same headphones as you
  • 0: Number of retail company CEOs going into work today

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