Black Twins Always Get Mistaken For Random Black People

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PHILADELPHIA—Explaining that it started with their grade school teachers calling them by countless other wrong names, local twins Aaron and Devon Thomas told reporters Wednesday they always get mistaken for random black people. “Strangers come up to us all the time, and even though we’re genetically identical in every single way, they still ask us if we’re two totally unrelated black guys they either think they met somewhere or saw on TV,” said Aaron, adding that it’s often easier to simply go along with it when someone thinks one twin went to their high school and the other is former NBA player Tim Duncan. “Sometimes, they’ll just admit they don’t know whether I’m a friend of theirs named Roger, activist DeRay McKesson, or one of the 42 million other black people in this country. It’s like, come on dude—my brother and I came from the same egg and were born from the same mom, there’s no way I could be Corey Booker if you think he’s Ta-Nehisi Coates.” Aaron added that the two used to use it to their advantage, admitting that when they didn’t want to take a test as teenagers, they would simply pretend to be the Wayans brothers.