Blizzard Entertainment Faces Public Backlash For Banning Esports Champion

After an outcry from players for a move widely perceived as bowing to Chinese censorship, Blizzard Entertainment has decreased the ban of Heathstone player Blitzchung from 12 months to 6 months and allowed him to keep the $10,000 in winnings of which he had initially been stripped. What do you think?

“Nothing’s changed since I lost $10,000 in Ms. Pac-Man winnings for criticizing apartheid.”

Giselle Gilmore • Lobster Importer


“Have some empathy and put yourselves in the shoes of a multi-million dollar company that needs to retain vital business interests.”

Kevin Pearce • Contract Approver

“Goddamn China for putting me on the side of professional Hearthstone players.”

Matthias Galloway • Scrap Disposal