Bo Obama Addresses Graduates Of Dayton Obedience School

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DAYTON, OH—Calling on the 2017 class of canines to make the most of their training as they head out into the world, former first dog Bo Obama delivered a stirring commencement speech Friday to graduates of the Dayton Obedience School. “It was such an honor to have Bo Obama encouraging these fresh-faced young pups to seize their future and sit, stay, or heel as instructed,” said Dayton Obedience School administrator Hannah Muley, noting that the former first dog was the school’s most notable speaker since Moose from Frasier addressed graduates in 1998. “It was incredible to hear Bo’s stories about his time in Washington and how the impulse control skills that he learned at our institution helped him overcome the adversity he faced at the White House. Here was living proof that no goal is out of reach if you’re a good dog, such a good dog.” The speech was not welcomed by all, however, as several of the graduating canines reportedly walked out in protest due to Bo’s controversial stance on neutering.