Illustration for article titled Bon Appétit Denies Allegations That They Responsible For Millions Of Pro-Quiche Twitter Bots

NEW YORK—Saying the publication had no involvement whatsoever in the aggressive social media activity, food and entertaining magazine Bon Appétit on Thursday denied allegations that it was responsible for millions of pro-quiche Twitter bots. “We at Bon Appétit have no association with the numerous bots that are disseminating pro-quiche slogans or attacking other dishes,” read a statement from the monthly periodical, adding that it condemned the fake Twitter accounts that have been automatically, and sometimes profanely, responding to any posts containing keywords such as “omelette” and “pizza.” “We choose to let our gourmet quiche recipes speak for themselves, so pro-quiche hashtags such as #QuicheYall or #IStandWithQuiche have no connection to us nor do any of the pro-quiche memes featuring Napoleon Dynamite, Game of Thrones characters, or Shaquille O’Neal.” The statement did acknowledge, however, that Bon Appétit was directly behind the internet hoax of the cancer-stricken child who wanted to eat a quiche in every state before she died.


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