Boris Johnson Prevails In Landslide U.K. Victory

With the nation’s approach to Brexit on the ballot, voters turned out for the 2019 U.K. general election to power Prime Minister Boris Johnson to a historic victory over Jeremy Corbyn, dealing the Labour Party one of its largest blows since the era of Margaret Thatcher and all but guaranteeing an exit from the European Union. What do you think?

“And to think this is the same country that elected Clement Attlee a mere 75 years ago.”

Kay Scott • Resource Deployer


“This is a stark warning to Democrats in America that they shouldn’t nominate the least popular person in the U.K. to lead their party.”

Zayne Sexton • Speed Reader

“This reaffirms what I’ve been saying all along: people will never elect a leader named Jeremy.”

Terry Dolan • Mannequin Duster