Illustration for article titled Bounty Unveils New Ultra-Thin Paper Towels For More Natural Feeling While Wiping Up Spills

CINCINNATI—Promising a more palpable, tactile way to clean up everything from the smallest, most intimate spills to the largest and most textured of messes, Bounty officials unveiled a new line of new ultra-thin paper towels Wednesday designed to provide a more natural feeling while wiping up household spills. “With Bounty Ultra-Thin, wipers who sop up a puddle of soda or dab a red wine stain dry will feel like nothing comes between them and their spills,” a press release from Bounty read in part, also noting that the thick, numbing sensation of using standard paper towels made it impossible to feel the satisfyingly wet, warm sensations of cleaning hot coffee from a countertop. “When using Bounty Ultra-Thin Paper Towels, you feel every carrot, every pea, every noodle in your upended soup almost as if it’s right there pressing up against your skin. And our premium high-quality materials ensure that there is no need to worry about tearing, so you can feel free to wipe and wipe and wipe any surface you want while getting your sloppy mess off.” Bounty also released a line of Magnum oversized paper towels for hands larger than 8 inches.


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