BP Opens Multi-Floor, 1,000-Pump Flagship Gas Station In Times Square

NEW YORK—Tourists and gas-lovers from around the nation flocked to New York City Saturday for the grand opening of the five-story, 1,000-pump "BP Town" gas station located in the heart of Times Square. "We drove all the way from San Diego just so we could fill up our tank here," mother of three Cyndi Matheson said. "Sure, the lines were four hours long and the gas is a little more expensive here, but even at $27.99 a gallon, it was worth it just to see the kids' faces light up. We're going to drive around for a few hours so we can come back." BP Town reported a successful opening weekend, having sold more than $2 million in gas and nearly $500,000 in souvenir beef jerky, sunflower seeds, and Hostess Donettes.