‘Brain Games’ Recalls Thousands Of Defective Word Puzzles That Gave Users Alzheimer’s

MORTON GROVE, IL—Offering a full refund along with its sincerest apologies, Publications International, Ltd. recalled more than 90,000 copies of Brain Games Tuesday after the defective puzzle books were found to give customers Alzheimer’s disease. “While our intent has always been to provide entertainment while improving cognitive function, the word puzzles also seem to stimulate the nerve cell decay associated with Alzheimer’s,” said company spokesperson Carol Ford, adding that anyone who had experienced memory loss, confusion, or difficulty with familiar tasks after completing a Brain Games puzzle should seek immediate medical attention. “We also ask that those who may know someone working on a Brain Games book to help them return it, as they may no longer possess the necessary brain function to do so.” In a separate announcement, the company said it was also recalling the “Toddler Time” children’s activity book after the 301 questions and answers were linked to pediatric psychosis.


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