‘This Is Exactly What They Want,’ Reports Organization

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LOS ANGELES—Far-right media outlet Breitbart News refused Monday to release the names of the 10 dead and 13 wounded in the Santa Fe High School mass shooting, saying that doing so would only give the victims exactly what they wanted. “We’re not going to give these victims the satisfaction of seeing their names and photographs published—in fact, that would just be playing right into their hands,” said editor-in-chief Alexander Mason Marlow, insisting that as a matter of journalistic principle, Breitbart News does not publish information on mass shooting victims as it simply serves to provide them with a platform to spread their vile beliefs. “After an atrocity like this, the media often digs up everything it can on the victims and they become household names. We here at Breitbart can proudly say that we will never give these types of people a voice. We especially don’t want to have a bunch of copycat victims out there on the national stage pushing the same delusional agenda.” At press time, Breitbart’s homepage featured a poignant 1,500 word write-up about the Santa Fe shooter and his struggles with mental health.

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