Brewers Stay After Game To Run The Bases

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MILWAUKEE—In what was sure to be a night they will remember for the rest of their lives, a group of excited Brewers players stayed after the team’s game against the White Sox Thursday evening to go onto the field and run the bases at Miller Park, sources confirmed. “That was so awesome—I’ve always dreamed about running all the way around the bases on a real Major League field,” smiling and visibly overjoyed center fielder Carlos Gomez told reporters moments after sprinting past home plate, adding that he imagined himself hitting a home run to win the World Series in front of thousands of cheering Brewers fans. “The game was fun, too, but I spent most of the time just waiting until it was over so I could run around the field with my friends. It was the coolest thing I’ve ever done.” Several onlookers also added that it was adorable seeing several of the younger rookies being guided by team mascot Bernie Brewer after running in the wrong direction.