Brutal: Playstation Has Cancelled The Entire PS5 Game Lineup After @NicoBoy95 Commented ‘No One Cares’ On Their Livestream

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Well, Playstation fans, it looks like we’re all facing a harsh new reality. After yesterday’s ultra-hyped Playstation 5 press event, Sony reviewed player feedback and just announced they will be canceling their entire lineup of next-generation games in response to @NicoBoy95’s devastating comment that “No one cares” on their livestream.

Oof. Looks like it’s back to the drawing board for every single game on the gaming giant’s upcoming console.


“We saw NicoBoy95’s harsh, but ultimately correct, takedown of our presentation and decided the only wise course of action was to scrap everything we were planning and start from scratch,” said Sony Interactive president Jim Ryan, who told OGN that even third-party games like NBA 2K21 have been permanently shelved until the company can figure out a way forward that is acceptable to NicoBoy95. “Seeing this comment appear in the chat box on YouTube during the stream was a real wake-up call. To hear that nobody cares about these games is heartbreaking, especially after how hard we worked on them.”

“But it’s feedback we need to act on, not ignore,” he added.

This may be tough news for people who were actually pumped to play Horizon: Forbidden West, Deathloop, or the new Ratchet & Clank, but gamers do not say things like “No one cares” unless they believe deeply that these are the truths game makers desperately need to know.


“Frankly, I was up all night just thinking about what we could have done wrong to garner this sort of reaction,” Ryan continued, noting that it was a tough pill to swallow knowing that millions of hours of work from thousands of artists, programmers, and engineers would have to be thrown away. “Still, as painful as it’s been for us to delete hundreds of teraflops of games from our servers—games that we thought were pretty good—it’s up to us to satisfy all of our fans. And so I thank NicoBoy95 for his honesty.”

“Hopefully we can rectify this dismal failure and have a stronger lineup for release by 2025,” he continued.


Sounds tough but fair to us, gamers. We here at OGN applaud Playstation’s willingness to look in the mirror and be honest when they have failed. If only Microsoft would follow their lead and cancel the Xbox Series One entirely.