Bush And The Weapons Inspections

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Last week, Saddam Hussein agreed to U.N. weapons inspections in Iraq, but President Bush dismissed the offer as a cynical ploy. What do you think?

"It's clear to me that nothing short of war will stop Iraq from using its weapons."

John Englund • Software <br>Developer

"I'd feel a lot better about the president's handling of this global nuclear brinksmanship if he could actually pronounce the word nuclear."

Miriam Knorr • Teacher


"Bush should take up t'ai chi. He'd be a lot more relaxed and not so invady."

Todd Thane • Landscaper

"Weird. It's almost as if Bush wants to invade."

Mitchell Ploeg • Systems <br>Analyst


"This whole invasion-of-Iraq thing is so complicated. I wish Kurt Loder would explain it to me."

Rick Dunst • Cab Driver

"So, let me get this straight: Bush is saying he wants to invade Iraq, and Iraq is, like, trying to talk him out of it? Is this how invasions are usually handled?"

Audra Franks • Homemaker