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EL PASO, TX—Revealing a total disregard for the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control, a photograph leaked Wednesday shows imprisoned migrants in a U.S. detention facility completely ignoring the social-distancing guidelines experts agree are necessary to contain Covid-19. “It’s like they’re not even trying to keep 6 feet apart,” said Laura Britton, a local accountant and mother of three, who viewed the photo of several dozen detainees crowded together in a small cell and expressed frustration that the self-isolation efforts her family had undertaken would be “all for nothing” if so many others broke the rules. “We’re gonna have to quarantine even longer because of unbelievably selfish people like this. There’s eight of them sharing one bed, and not to be rude, but a lot of them look like they haven’t washed their hands in a long time. Some look really young, too, and while they may not be showing symptoms, they could still spread the disease to more vulnerable people. Seriously, where are those kids’ parents?” At press time, Immigration and Customs Enforcement announced it would begin strict enforcement of the CDC’s social-distancing guidelines by moving each of the migrants into solitary confinement.

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