CDC Unveils List Of Twitter Accounts You Can Follow To Piece Together Vaccine Information

ATLANTA—In an effort to keep the public abreast of the latest developments in the Covid-19 pandemic, CDC director Robert R. Redfield unveiled a list of Twitter accounts Tuesday that Americans could follow to piece together vaccine information. “Following these reporters, medical researchers, and politically engaged musicians will provide Americans with the updates necessary to cobble together some sense of what exactly is going on with our vaccine rollout,” said Redfield at a press conference in which he and a team of the CDC’s top officials shared the list of 25 social media users that included a retired doctor who seemed “pretty in the know” and a 22-year-old influencer from Los Angeles who “wasn’t informational, per se, but was still fun to read. “There’s this one account called the Moore Institute that seems pretty legit. We don’t know if they’re a think tank or hospital or what, but they get a lot of retweets. We’re also big fans of this Tacoma area mom who shares screenshots of vital information otherwise hidden behind paywalls. Honestly, without her, we’d be totally in the dark.” At press time, Redfield also recommended everybody follow Harry Styles.

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