Centrist Advocates Moderate Approach To Genocide

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COLUMBUS, OH—Claiming there were arguments to be made on both sides of the race extermination debate, local centrist Ken Dunning advocated Monday for a more moderate approach to genocide. “We’ve really let ideology cloud our views on ethnic cleansing, and if people could just put aside the extreme, polarizing rhetoric for a moment, I think they’d see the best way forward lies somewhere in the middle,” said Dunning, explaining that a sensible, working genocide policy required nuanced thinking and a willingness to compromise, not emotional talking points about whether or not people with a particular skin color or ancestry deserved to be executed en masse. “Instead of demonizing people who want to commit genocide, I think it’s important to encourage an open and honest dialogue. There are a lot of factors, both economic and political, at play. And because of that, we need to find creative solutions, perhaps judging each genocide on a case-by-case basis.” At press time, Dunning was reportedly still arguing that genocide was an issue reasonable people could disagree on when he was shot execution-style in front of his home.