NEW YORK—Refusing to back down from the subject during their often contentious exchange, talk show host Charlie Rose reportedly pressed himself about the recent sexual harassment allegations against him in a tense Charlie Rose interview on Tuesday. “Eight women who either worked with you or aspired to work with you have now said you sexually assaulted or harassed them with lewd phone calls, groping, or by exposing your nude body to them on occasions that date back to the late 1990s,” an unwavering Rose said to himself, digging in his heels every time the recently fired co-host of CBS This Morning tried to downplay the women’s accusations by calling some of them “inaccurate” or divert the conversation to his desire to be a better ally generally for women going forward. “In your statement on Monday, you said, ‘I always felt that I was pursuing shared feelings.’ Don’t you think that shows a sense of entitlement and lack of empathy toward these eight women? By saying that, aren’t you essentially laying the responsibility for your own actions on them?” At press time, a visibly agitated Rose reportedly took off his microphone and walked out of the interview before its conclusion.


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