Illustration for article titled Chemists Announce Upgraded Periodic Table With Dozens Of New Elements For Just $4 A Month

ZURICH—Offering fans a sneak peak of the service at a STEM conference, the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry unveiled Wednesday an updated periodic table with dozens of new elements for just $4 a month. “For the same price as a cup of coffee, die-hard scientists and casual periodic table users alike can gain access to over 40 brand new, unique chemical elements,” said IUPAC spokesperson Richard Simmons, highlighting exclusive elements such as Superiorum, Deluxenic, and Premion. “Beyond our members-only elements, we’ve added hundreds of extra isotopes spread across every group. We’ve also updated some fan favorites, so be sure to check out Antimony 1.5, Iodine Ultra, Big Oxygen, and our modernized take on the noble gases. Plus, subscribers should be on the lookout for easter eggs hidden inside the Lanthanides.” Simmons added that IUPAC will still offer a free version of the periodic table, but users would experience ads between elements.


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