Child Concerned Parents Might Never Amount To Anything

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SAN DIEGO—Expressing worries about their seeming lack of motivation and ambition, local child James Lipstein, 12, told reporters Thursday that he was increasingly concerned that his parents might never end up amounting to much of anything. “I’ll always love them, of course, but I’m starting to think that if they don’t get into gear soon, life will completely pass them by,” said Lipstein, admitting he was afraid that his apathetic mom and dad weren’t hitting the life goals they should be for their age. “I understand everyone develops at their own pace, but I see so many of their peers getting promotions and making new friends while the two of them continue to just sit around in our small apartment watching TV and playing video games with seemingly no plans to ever do much of anything else. I don’t want them to look back on their lives and feel like they never accomplished anything meaningful.” Lipstein added that while he would never say it to them, he sometimes wished his parents could be more like their brothers and sisters who seemed to really have their act together.