Children Are Our Most Precious Natural Resource (Updated)

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With the candidates locked in endless wrangling over the economy, you'd think we'd all forgotten what truly matters: America's children. Specifically, our 16- and 17-year-olds, the most precious and beautiful of them all. I want to know what Obama and McCain plan to do about this issue.

For example, did you know that if you take one of America's most precious resources back to your house for some ice cream even only once, you can get charged with something as serious as kidnapping? Or that, if you do it again, you get put on a registry of people that happen to like having ice cream with friends, and have to tell all of your neighbors about it every time you move?

When are the candidates going to start talking about this?

I understand if Obama and McCain don't think about our nation's children as much as I do. Probably no one does. But for me, it's a passion—some might even call it an obsession. This is why the time for change is now.


All I'm saying is, maybe once, one of the candidates should ask the children what they want. It's a sad state of affairs when I, an unemployed HVAC repairman, am out there almost every day asking our children what they want at my local skate park, mall, and movie theater, and the major candidates for president haven't even done so once.

Children are America's future, and when we spoil their prospects by growing the debt, or destroying the environment, or allowing our children to dress and act however they want to the point that they look like full-grown adults capable of making their own decisions when they're actually only 16 and a half, we are writing a death certificate for our country.


Barack Obama and John McCain: You need to take a long, hard, torturous look at our children right now, or you won't get my vote.

Update at 6:05pm

A friend forwarded me an email just now about an "Invest In Kids" rally to be held just outside of the VP debates tonight. It's going on right now!

A rally to encourage the vice presidential candidates to focus on children's issues during Thursday's debate will be held here Thursday (October 2nd) just before the vice presidential debate.

The rally will take place at the designated vice presidential debate public viewing area, located on the intramural field at the southeast corner of Big Bend Boulevard and Forsyth Boulevard, in the Washington University area. This area is within sight of the Athletic Complex where the debate will take place.


What a wonderful idea, and the name of the group is Every Child Matters. I really wish I could be there to support the children.