Chimps In Danger Of Extinction

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Researchers recently said that the chimpanzee, hunted for meat and threatened by deforestation, could be extinct in 50 years. What do you think?

"Oh, boo hoo. They had their chance."

David Price • Civil Engineer

"As a poacher, whenever I catch a chimp, I just throw it back. I'm after the tastier marmosets."

Ravi Klun • Poacher


"Well, I say it's one less species who will masturbate in public. Good riddance!"

Inez Rahman • Pedicurist

"What?! Oh, chimps. I thought you said 'chicks.' Shit. Wow. For a second there… fuck."

Wade Caho Jr. • Artist


"Crap! We'd better remake The Barefoot Executive now, before it's too late."

Robert Hegeman • Systems Analyst

"They're being hunted for meat? Are chimp fajitas any good?"

Dorothee Fochs • Statistician