China Hacks 'New York Times,' 'Wall Street Journal'

The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal announced that hackers in China had stolen reporters’ passwords, accessed email accounts, and used malware to gain entry to the newspapers’ computer networks. What do you think?

“Son of a bitch. How many times do you have to tell Maureen Dowd to add a numeral at the end of her ‘redhotmomma’ password?”

Dean Maslow • Insulator Tester


“Makes sense. I can’t imagine how expensive delivering the paper over there would be.”

Dianne Ahi • Grit Removal Specialist

“Did they by chance get the answers to today’s crossword? So far I just have 3 across and 1 down, but I don’t think they’re real words.”

Kirby Lewis • Systems Analyst

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