Chobani Recalls Thousands Of Yogurts That Gave People Yogurt

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NORWICH, NY—Urging consumers to discard the products immediately and apply for a refund, Chobani announced Friday that it had recalled thousands of containers of yogurt that had given people yogurt. “We are asking customers to search their refrigerators and throw out all Chobani yogurts, which, due to a contamination of our facilities, may contain yogurt,” said Hamdi Ulukaya, founder and CEO of the popular dairy concern, who noted that Chobani’s blueberry yogurt, strawberry yogurt, key lime yogurt, mixed berry yogurt, vanilla yogurt, peach yogurt, and coconut yogurt were just a few among the many flavors of yogurt that have tested positive for yogurt. “Unfortunately, lab cultures have confirmed these defective products contain an extremely high concentration of yogurt, a substance that a full two-thirds of the world’s adults cannot even digest. If you or anyone you know has experienced yogurt after purchasing a Chobani product, please see a physician immediately.” Health officials told reporters they had not yet determined how yogurt, whose primary ingredient is believed to have originated in the mammary glands of cattle, could have made the jump to humans and infected Chobani’s processing plant.