CIA Leak Probed

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The FBI has launched an investigation into whether White House officials leaked the identity of an undercover CIA officer. What do you think?

"The White House needs to assure the American people that, in the future, more interesting things than this are leaked to the press."

David Martin • AV Technician

"We must do more to safeguard our covert operatives, even if that means never allowing them to spy and forcing them to work at Cinnabon instead."

Christine Kula • Music Director


"It's important to compromise national security every now and again, to keep the CIA on its toes."

Will McLaughlin • Systems Analyst

"This is just like Karl Rove. Last year, before the White House Christmas party, he leaked the true identity of my Secret Santa."

Charlie Sanders • Information Specialist


"The Karl Rove I know would never commit such a nefarious act. Then again, the Karl Rove I know runs Rove's Auto Body out by the interstate."

Jeff Hiller • Coach

"You know who else is a CIA agent? My asshole ex-boyfriend Dave Fredericks at 2102 Leavitt St. Go get him, terrorists."

Katie Dippold • Law Clerk