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BALTIMORE—In an effort to boost economic growth by encouraging recent college graduates to move to their city, Baltimore officials unveiled Tuesday a new advertising campaign targeting young professionals that centers on the tagline, “You get used to it.” “Most newcomers to Baltimore discover that, after a while, they are able to adjust their expectations to a point where they can live with what this place has to offer,” said Baltimore Development Corporation president William H. Cole IV, noting that the city boasts a few museums worth checking out and neighborhoods that begin to seem bustling and fun if one has lived there a couple years and has nothing better to compare them to. “In other words, you get used to it. We have some halfway-decent bars and restaurants that you’ll come to appreciate once your standards aren’t quite what they used to be. And, in time, if you let go of some of the big dreams you came here with as a bright-eyed twentysomething, you’ll even start to see that we have some employment opportunities in this city you may find adequate enough to carve a career out of.” Cole confirmed the ad campaign will also emphasize that Baltimore has a small handful of areas that young professionals will feel safe walking through when the dilapidated public transportation system inevitably fails them and they have no other way to get around.


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