Classically Trained Actor Can Talk On Cue

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NEW YORK—Saying that he was able to draw upon a lifetime of dramatic study to achieve the desired effect, classically trained actor Alan Viccellio told reporters Thursday that he could talk on cue. “After years of practice, someone can just point at me and I’ll bust out a whole sentence without even really thinking about it,” said the 70-year-old thespian who, having trained for decades under the tutelage of a renowned scholar of the Stanislavski system of acting, was capable of whipping up a few phrases whenever a scene required it. “When the moment arrives, I simply concentrate on what I want to say, and then, boom, out it comes. Whether a director asks for just a line or two, or even an out-and-out monologue, I can deliver. I know it might sound impressive, but at this point, it’s basically second nature to me.” Viccellio added that, when required, he also had the ability to instantly shut off the flow of words.