Climate Change: Myth Vs. Fact

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With President Trump set to dismantle much of his predecessor’s climate change legislation, many are wondering what the impacts of climate change will be and which sources to believe. The Onion separates fact from fiction on the issue of global warming:


MYTH: Humans have only a negligible overall impact on climate change

FACT: That’s every other variety of plant and animal on earth combined that you’re thinking of


MYTH: Oil companies intentionally obscure climatological research in order to grow their profits


FACT: Big Oil has never had to try all that hard to make the public ignore climate change research

MYTH: By the year 2099, sea levels could rise between 7-20 inches

FACT: You’re never going to get people worried when you put it like that

MYTH: Rising global temperatures mean that thousands of species are going extinct


FACT: Sure, but it’s mostly just bugs

MYTH: The full impact of these changes won’t be apparent until your grandchildren are grown


FACT: You’re never going to meet anyone, let alone have kids, if you don’t start taking care of yourself

MYTH: The effects of climate change will negatively impact everyone on earth

FACT: The killjoys who predicted this for decades will have the advantage of looking super smart


MYTH: There is nothing mankind can do to prevent climate change

FACT: There is nothing mankind will do to prevent climate change


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