Clothes Come To Forefront As Major Theme In This Year’s New York Fashion Week

NEW YORK—Predicting that attire will almost certainly become one of the hottest style trends of 2019, attendees of New York fashion week confirmed Thursday that this year’s major theme has been clothes. “No matter where you look this fashion week, from Gabriela Hearst to Calvin Klein, every runway—without fail—has featured clothes,” said fashion blogger Carly Florio, who noted that despite a myriad of different looks, every brand has clearly taken at least some inspiration from covering your body with fabric. “We saw designers pairing shoes with pants, jackets with shirts—every blogger is talking about how clothes are the absolute must-have item for the fall. By next year, we anticipate every major high-end retailer will be fighting each other to stock their stores with some kind of garment.” At press time, critics were reportedly attacking fashion week for presenting the average person with the impossible standard of having to pull off wearing clothes.


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